Consumer Data Insights Purchases

What describes a consumer more accurately than the goods they purchase? With Consumer Data Insights Purchases you will gain insight about your customers and prospects with information about what they are buying, and how much they are spending. With dozens of major categories covering catalog and retail spending you will learn more about individuals based on actual purchases they have made.


  • Predict future buying categories based on past purchase behavior
  • Create look-a-like and spend-a-like profiles to target new customers
  • Better understand existing customers for improved cross-sell and up-sell
  • Supplement your loyalty program data and gain greater insight to a customer’s interests


  • Detailed purchase categories to define past buying behavior of an individual in a household
  • Compiled from an aggregation of purchase data from retail, ecommerce and cataloguers to provided buying and purchase habits
  • Often combined with the Consumer Shopping Habits product for method of payment information



United States
Release schedule
Monthly, Quarterly
Unit of sale
Per matched record or as a custom data extract

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