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Customer Story


Wimbledon depends on Assure MIMIX HA to ensure their ticketing systems remain available, especially during The Championships

Data and applications play a vital role at Wimbledon in ticketing systems that directly impact customer service and revenue generation. The All England Lawn Tennis Club naturally wanted to make absolutely certain that its systems would be available during the annual two-weeks of Championships and the period leading up to them.

Most of the year, the All England Lawn Tennis Club resembles a small-to medium-sized company. However, during The Championships, the Club assumes the mantle of a much larger organization. During Wimbledon, data and applications help the Club maximize customer service and optimize revenue.

The Club manages its activities using two IBM i servers. One system runs as the production server and the other performs primarily as a backup. The Club runs Geac accounting software.  In addition, its unique, custom-developed ticketing system manages ticket sales and provides services for people attending
the matches.

The Club could lose access to its systems for even as long as a day without seriously impacting operations during most of the year. However, during The Championships and the period leading up to them, a loss of access to the ticketing system would be disastrous.

In addition to managing ticket sales, the Club’s IBM i servers also process tickets at the event. Tickets are bar-coded for tracking purposes. The bar-coding and scanning system allows the Club to resell tickets turned in at the end of the day’s matches. The additional funds go to charity, and the worldwide broadcast
audience always sees the stands packed with tennis aficionados.