5 IBM i Compliance and Security Success Stories

IBM i compliance and security – keep your entire business protected

Securing IBM i systems and complying with regulatory requirements at a level aligned with all your other corporate systems is critical. While the IBM i is among
the most securable systems available, it is not inherently secure. If not secured at the highest level, it can become the weak link in your security chain, allowing
entry into your broader network of systems and data. As for the belief that IBM i enjoys “security by obscurity,” today’s cybervillians and your company’s employees fully understand that IBM i servers hold a wealth of valuable data, including corporate intellectual property, financial transaction information, and sensitive database records for customers, partners and employees.

You need to leverage all of your IBM i system’s powerful security features, wrap layers of security around the OS and its data, and integrate these processes and protocols with those protecting your other systems and networks. Fully and actively securing your IBM i platform is critical to keeping your entire business protected, and is also necessary to achieve and prove regulatory compliance.

Top Level Challenges for IBM i compliance

When looking at security and compliance priorities from an IBM i vantage point, there are a few specific issues which often move to the top of the list, including:

  • Monitoring and reporting on the rich security data in IBM i log sources
  • Strengthening login security
  • Securing all points of access to your IBM i system and its data
  • Restricting IBM i user authorities
  • Encrypting sensitive data at-rest and in-motion

In today’s increasingly regulated world, with a constant stream of news about cyber attacks and data breaches, IT professionals are challenged to achieve and maintain the highest levels of security and compliance for all their systems.

The IBM i is no exception. It is highly securable, but not secure out of the box. And if not properly secured, it can become the gateway through which wrong doers can gain access to your data.

Download this eBook to learn how five real-world organizations addressed the challenges of complying with regulations such as PCI DSS, 23 NYCRR 500 and SOX, strengthened their IBM i security posture, and reduced the time and manual effort required to achieve their compliance and security goals.

5 IBM i Compliance and Security Success Stories
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