Expanding Splunk to Monitor & Analyze IBM i Security Data

Protect your organization from enterprise-wide security threats and incidents

Splunk is at the center of many businesses’ security ecosystems, allowing them to gain organization-wide visibility and intelligence regarding what’s normal activity and what’s suspicious.

However, Splunk does not natively collect essential security and compliance data from IBM i servers. Ironstream for Splunk® expands the reach of Splunk by seamlessly integrating IBM i security data to ensure that critical security data can be analyzed across the entire IT landscape.

Read this eBook to explore how:

  • Splunk turns data into visual insights that can be used for compliance auditing, reporting, analytics, and security monitoring.
  • SIEMs leverage real-time collection and historical analysis of security events to alert administrators of any potentially harmful patterns or events.
  • Splunk and Ironstream work together to provide complete visibility into the health and security of all systems in the enterprise.
Expanding Splunk to Monitor Analyze IBM i Security Data
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