Four Stories of Capacity Management Success

Customer Success: A look at customers generating real ROI with Syncsort Capacity Management

It is no longer efficient, or even possible, to properly manage your infrastructure with manual processes performed in an ad hoc, incident-based manner. You have to be able to continuously monitor, assess, adjust and restructure every part of your multi-platform, distributed, interconnected and internet-dependent cyber-multiverse to respond to constantly changing business requirements. In short, you need capacity management success.

Regardless of size or market, online or brick and mortar, your business is essentially 100 percent dependent upon ever-increasing streams and stores of data, and therefore, upon the systems and applications that handle them. Ultimately, this means it is dependent upon you to ensure that your infrastructure is right-sized, reliable and performing perfectly at all times.

The challenge is that the definitions of “right-sized” and “performing perfectly” keep changing, seemingly on a daily basis, making it so easy to get it wrong. Having underutilized or idle resources can be just as harmful to your business as not having enough processing capacity or network bandwidth. And as for reliability, any instances of failure to perform will inevitably be costly. They will also be clearly visible to your customers, especially your internal customers.

In short, how well you manage your IT infrastructure will either contribute to enabling or disabling the business. To succeed, you need full visibility into every aspect of your current operations as well as accurate and timely assessments of your infrastructure’s ability to handle near-term and long-term changes to business requirements.

The only way you can hope to achieve this is to implement proper capacity management and capacity planning processes supported by integrated, automated tools. Essentially, you need to be able to:

• Identify and resolve emergent systems capacity and performance issues in real-time

• Accurately assess and quantify the impacts on your systems of both expected and potential changes to business requirements.

This eBook explores the capacity management journey of 4 different customers. It highlights how these Syncsort Capacity Management customers created real, tangible ROI for their organizations.

Four Stories of Capacity Management Success
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