Guide to Mainframe and IBM i Configuration Items in ServiceNow®

Digital Transformation and IT Operations Management with ServiceNow

IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions are essential in today’s complex IT environments. These solutions enable organizations to get better visibility into their infrastructure and services in order to maximize operational agility and ensure high service availability, security, and compliance for the business.

ServiceNow is an industry leader in IT Workflow solutions, including ITOM, with an application suite that includes discovery, event management, orchestration, operational intelligence, service mapping, and cloud management.

At the heart of all these applications is the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). ServiceNow’s CMDB captures the relationships between all IT components across your entire IT landscape in real time. However, if your IT environment includes mainframe and IBM i systems, your visibility into these critical resources is lacking.

Download our guide to learn about the configuration items (CIs) you will want to capture and populate in your CMDB to easily integrate your mainframe and IBM i systems into your ServiceNow ITOM platform for a comprehensive view of all your IT resources.

Guide to Mainframe and IBM i Configuration Items in ServiceNow
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