Location Intelligence for the Cloud

Read on to learn how the right tools will help you reach business decisions sooner, with greater insight and clearer vision with location intelligence for the cloud.

Cloud-Native invites Big Data opportunities

More information can mean more answers, more value, and more opportunities. It can also mean more unanswered questions.

Due in part to better data-capture processes, big data’s rapid growth features more detailed customer information, interactions, and location-specific information than ever. Mobile apps, geotags, and smart sensors generate millions of new data points every hour, each featuring a location component. Yet, most firms have trouble extracting value from the location data they collect. Studies show that up to 73 percent of this data goes unused in day-to-day analytics and Business Intelligence.

Organizations need to turn those transactions, data points, and locations into a competitive edge. But how? To make sense of big data, you need to process data faster in ways that yield actionable location intelligence and new customer insight. With the right tools, you can reach business answers sooner, with greater insight and clearer vision.

Three essential big data facts:

The cloud-native explosion shows no signs of slowing, and organizations are challenged to harness and process so much information.

New cloud-native tools can aggregate, analyze, and share data in ways that previously were not possible.

Location-based data and software are helping insurers, retailers, communication services providers, governments, and others improve performance exponentially.


Location Intelligence for the Cloud

Smarter decisions require more powerful analysis

Information management has become a struggle for companies of all sizes. Most lack the power to extract value from geospatial data with the requisite speed or at the proper scale. In fact, the tools used by some organizations can take days to process the data needed to reach any actionable conclusions.

Organizations shy away from solving big data issues for a few reasons. Some may fear big data is “too big” or “too hard” to control. Others must overcome a change-averse culture. In addition, there are those who have a basic skepticism about the speed, security, or business-building promises of big data.

New solutions are countering the naysayers, changing the dynamic, and creating tremendous opportunities.

Powerhouse SDKs deliver fast results

Through access to cloud and big data insights, new Software Developer Kits (SDKs) have the power to transform organizations. Today’s advanced solutions run natively in cloud-native container and big data environments such as Kubernetes, Docker or Spark, allowing you to analyze huge volumes of disparate data to obtain the most precise results. Companies can also perform address validation, geocoding, geo-enrichment, and cachment area analysis in a fraction of the time and cost compared to server solutions.

Go bigger

Massive data should not produce massive headaches. Unlock the value hidden in the massive amounts of data collected about customers, interactions, infrastructure, and products.

Big is just the beginning. New solutions make it easy to process datasets with a billion records an hour using ephemeral processing. With such rich business insights, it’s never been easier to “see beyond the data.”



massive datasets



processing time



hidden value


What took months, now takes minutes

A communication services provider in the US struggled with the public perception that their network was not as reliable as their competitors’. To change this perception, they wanted to build a network coverage map of their own subscribers— one that detailed service within very small geographies across the entire US.

The datasets were dauntingly immense. Yet, using a geospatial processing solution running natively in big data, they organized an astounding 19 billion call records (aggregated against 950 million hexagons) in just 31 minutes.

Go everywhere

When you run cloud-native products in containers, big data or Spark, you can analyze data with speed and precision. But for this analysis to have value, you need ways to integrate these insights into your day-to-day workflows and business processes.

Our technical alliances with Databricks, Cloudera, and Amazon Web Services ensure you can support on-premise and cloud-based SaaS and IaaS delivery.

Adding geospatial data lets you link together a wide variety of data, then aggregate and analyze it to drive business insight. With powerful SDKs that work with your preferred distribution technologies, you can be confident your spatial data solution is going to run reliably on-premise or in the cloud. Supported distribution gives you added peace of mind that assistance is available should challenges arise.



Go beyond

Harnessing cloud-native products with the right software can help you make discoveries that can’t be found with your existing solutions. The proper tools can enhance insight into people, places, and things to uncover hidden connections and convert them into growth opportunities.

A modular approach lets you expand solutions to meet your growing needs. Add data quality, point-in-polygon or isochrone calculations all within cloud-native processes. With this flexibility, you’re not restricted to a simple one-off solution for geocoding, geo-enrichment, or catchment assignment.

Now, organizations can finally achieve the business outcomes and ROIs they expected from their big data investments.

Power up performance

Generate lightning-fast insights within your big data framework to:

  • Optimize network assets.
  • Create a clearer view of risk.
  • Offer more competitive pricing.
  • Target high-value customers.
  • Plan the most efficient delivery routes.
  • Select more profitable retail locations.
  • Visualize relationships within data.


Precisely solutions unleash the power of location within your cloud-native framework. A complete set of data-quality tools makes it easy to cleanse, standardize, and consolidate your customer and prospect data with customizable, automated workflows.

Advanced Matching

Streamline operations and increase cost-effectiveness across the organization with more accurate and reliable address data.

Data Normalization

Create a tailored experience for customers to ensure your company stands out from the rest.

Universal Name

Validate names against
an international name, nickname, and alias directory to ensure better-personalized communications with customers.

Universal Addressing

Enable personalized communications with customers through correctly formatted and validated addresses.


Give your cloud-native micro-services the location advantage with the most complete set of proven address management, geocoding, and location analytics, without sacrificing speed or performance. The use of a unique ID makes it possible to relate multiple datasets to reveal complex relationships. Together, these capabilities help to organize, manage, analyze, and visualize big data in ways that yield actionable insights.


Global Geocoding

Assign precise latitude and longitude coordinates to physical addresses. Access forward and reverse geocoding for 250 countries and territories, with over 150 at street-level or better precision.

Location Intelligence

Run spatial processes natively in EMR or Spark to calculate point in polygon, measure distances or aggregate data within a hierarchical grid. Use the results to operationalize business rules or visualize the results on a map.

Enterprise Routing

Calculate distances, boundaries, and travel times and overlay with geodemographic data to inform site selection models.


Link any dataset using a unique and persistent key based on
a property location, putting all of the data you need at your fingertips.


Enrichment brings meaning to location information through reliable address, property, and demographics datasets. Through enriching data, businesses begin to understand how people and places interact with greater certainty. Precisely architects a leading range of products, which, backed up by our team of data experts, enables your enterprise to make better decisions.


Precisely Boundaries

  • Community Boundaries
  • Postcode and Administrative Boundaries
  • Risk Boundaries
  • Telco Boundaries
  • World Boundaries


Precisely Points of Interest

  • Business Points of Interest
  • World Points of Interest
  • Geofences


Precisely Demographics

  • AnySite Demographics
  • Base Demographics
  • Consumer Data Insights
  • Consumer IQ
  • Context Demographics
  • Detailed Demographics
  • Demographic Estimates and Projections
  • Segmentation and Geodemographics


Precisely Streets

  • Drivetime and Routing
  • Streets and Mapping


Precisely Addresses

  • World Addresses
  • Property Features

Cloud-native advantages for any industry

Accelerate workflows. Current processes are bogging down and sometimes overloading IT systems and infrastructure. By off-loading to a new, faster big-data workflow, companies can recognize significant performance improvements.

Organize and join multiple data types. To improve understanding, many organizations collect data in multiple formats across multiple systems and merge data from similar use cases. Precisely enables companies to join spatial, structured, and un-structured data into common formats and common systems.

Capitalize on moving sensor insights. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially, helping companies better understand the performance of their equipment, personnel, and clients. Our solutions enable companies to apply location understanding to massive amounts of sensor-generated data for improved insight.

“Business of all types are taking advantage of location-based cloud-native containers. Industries from retailers and telecoms to insurers and financial companies are finding the answers they need faster than ever.”

P&C Insurance


Single view of risk

Combine massive amounts of data at extraordinary speeds to achieve a consolidated single view of potential insured risk associated with any given property.

Usage-based insurance (UBI)

Collect massive amounts of telematics data related to drivers’ driving patterns (speed, time of the day, day of the week, braking patterns, locations, etc.) for more accurate risk prediction and premium calculation.

Real-time catastrophic event notification

Understand the impact of a catastrophic event in real-time. Whether flood, earthquake, or wildfire, you can better allocate adjusters, provide fast support to policyholders, and understand the potential loss.

Risk aggregation

Establish a portfolio-wide (multi-policy) view of exposure and risk to appropriately balance portfolios and price.

Wireless Telecommunications


Network optimization

Associate predicted network performance with collected network interactions from billions of subscriber connections. Support network capacity planning and consistent service assurance as well as better targeting and care of high-value customers.

Data monetization

Organize and anonymize subscribers’ movement data to create new business models and digital services. Build profitable partnerships in a complex value chain and deliver on customer satisfaction.

Subscriber lifecycle interaction

Gain a better understanding of individual subscriber movement and network use to quantify customer lifetime value, orchestrate consistent, contextual, and meaningful omni-channel communications. Predict and prevent churn and enable real-time next-best action.

Subscriber acquisition

Create subscribers’ crowdsourced coverage maps to differentiate network performance for new subscriber acquisition.

Financial Services


Mortgage valuation

A deep well of individual property attributes enables mortgage originators to more accurately assess the true value of any property.

Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities

A centralized single view of customers can reveal and share client account details, informing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Branch location analysis

Combine location intelligence and demographics to visualize and analyze the true sales potential of various branch locations.

Branch-performance evaluation

Quickly compare branch-to-branch performance and set realistic goals that guide delivery of the right services at the right locations.

Five reasons to modernize with Precisely cloud-native SDKs: Spectrum Spatial for Big Data

They’re easy

They’re easy

  • Program to run processes native in Kubernetes, Docker, and Spark.

They’re powerful

They’re powerful

  • Take advantage of more data.
  • Answer questions that were too big before.

They’re incredibly fast

They’re incredibly fast

  • Process enormous amounts of data in a fraction of the time.

They’re flexible

They’re flexible

  • Avoid large capital outlays for cloud-based solutions.
  • Run on-premise or in the cloud.

They’re scalable

They’re scalable

  • Expand with a modular system that grows with your needs.

Precisely: Battle-tested software, data, and analytics for companies worldwide

With Precisely cloud-native products you can cleanse, consolidate, geocode, enrich, and visualize massive data volumes in a fraction of the time, all within a single framework. Join the ranks of leading companies that put their trust in Precisely.

With our 100-year legacy of quality and reliability, as well as over 30 years of expertise, we serve more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and power billions of transactions worldwide.


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