Real-World Examples of zIIP Offload and CPU Savings with Precisely Syncsort

3 real-world examples of customer success with zIIP offload

Today’s complex computing environments continue to challenge IT organizations to get the most out of their infrastructures while containing costs and controlling capacity expansion. In days gone by, organizations had well defined “batch windows” for their IBM mainframes for long running CPU and I/O intensive workloads… but in today’s 24/7 always up, and always online world, those batch windows are shrinking if not disappearing. Gone is the luxury of having extra capacity available “off shift” to run less critical resource intensive workloads. Whether you are challenged with controlling your utilization in the 4-hour rolling average window (4HRA) or you just need to minimize your overall utilization in the new Tailored Fit pricing model, taking advantage of the savings available with zIIP offload can have a dramatic impact on your mainframe costs.

What is zIIP?
IBM introduced z Integrated Information Processors (zIIP) over a decade ago. zIIP is a purpose-built processor designed to operate asynchronously from general processors (CP) in the mainframe to help provide additional computing capacity, without any associated software licensing charges, to enable IT organizations to control costs. zIIPs can be purchased and used to provide additional processing without affecting the total MSU utilization.  IBM does not impose IBM software charges on zIIP capacity, however charges do apply when additional general purpose CP capacity is used.

Many organizations that have purchased zIIP processors are not gaining full benefit by maximizing use of those processors. In a lot of cases, they simply do not have workloads that use software that is effectively zIIP enabled. In essence, they purchased an engine, but can’t get it out of first gear – it’s like having a Ferrari and only being able to drive it in the neighborhood to the grocery store! You need to get it out on the highway and open it up!

Sort, copy, and related compression activities tend to deal with high volumes of data resulting in significant CP resources, I/O operations, and potentially long elapsed times.

Read our eBook, Real-World Examples of zIIP Offload and CPU Savings with Precisely Syncsort, for a look at three real-world examples of how organizations reduced CP utilization and saved money with high-performance zIIP-enabled sorting technology.

Real-World Examples of zIIP Offload and CPU Savings with Precisely
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