Secure Your IBM i Today to Meet Tomorrow’s Compliance Challenges

Overcoming compliance regulation challenges for IBM i

Another massive breach is in the news. Another regulatory entity is rolling out new cybersecurity regulations. Another company executive is spending sleepless nights worrying about IT security vulnerabilities. Sound familiar?  It’s no wonder that security is the number one IT priority today, at least according to a recent Precisely survey of IT professionals at companies with IBM i environments who were asked about their top IT priorities.

Regulations are a big driver of this increased prioritization of security.  When respondents to the same Precisely survey were asked to choose their biggest IT security challenges, their number two choice was “growing complexity of regulations.” In addition to growing in complexity, regulations are multiplying. In 2018, GDPR was regularly in the news as it had companies across the globe scrambling to get their systems and processes prepared to meet the impending compliance deadlines. And the cost of doing so wasn’t cheap.

A survey conducted in 2018 by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and Ernst & Young found that on average a company spent nearly $1.3 million (including salaries/benefits) to prepare for GDPR. Despite the money being spent, the same survey showed that 34% wouldn’t even be ready to demonstrate compliance until 2019—more than six months past the deadline. And an astonishing 19% that said they may never be ready! Meanwhile, countries
in the European Union are sending a strong message that companies need to step it up. The first GDPR fines are being levied, with the most notable coming from France, which recently hit Google with a fine of 50 million euros (Google is currently contesting the ruling).

Laws change, threats evolve and no company can afford to be complacent when it comes to IT security and compliance. The only sensible path forward is to embrace a process of making continual improvements by regularly evaluating risk, hardening access, protecting confidential information and monitoring activity.

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Compliance Challenges
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