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EngageOne Connect

Design and deliver responsive, dynamic communications from within the browser with EngageOne Connect

Anytime, anywhere and on any screen: Delivering relevant, in- context communications is a key challenge for any organization. Competition for consumers’ attention is fiercer than ever. Increasing channel choice has added to the complexity of reaching and engaging with customers.

Now you can drive mobile-first engagement that differentiates your business. With EngageOne Connect, anyone can create and deliver responsive email, SMS and push notifications that drive engagement.

This thin-client design and delivery system makes it simple to create dynamic, HTML5-enriched content through a single browser interface. Blend data-driven billing and statements with transactional and marketing content to maximize impact across each touchpoint.

Create an optimal experience

Engage your customers the way they demand to be engaged, with personalized, glance-able content that makes interaction effortless. Now your customers can view communications on the screen of their choice, initiate actions with a single click, or drill down for more information.

Enrich every engagement

With advanced features like auto open, data-driven charts and the ability to integrate Interactive Personalized Video, you can transform every communication into highly relevant engagement. You’ll connect more effectively across every customer touchpoint with responsive, data-driven communications.

Enjoy real-time results

Our innovative, real-time dashboard lets you monitor key performance indicators, make better decisions and continually fine tune your campaigns for maximum impact and engagement. You can bring clarity to your data with easy-to-understand charts that deliver instant insight.

Benefit from a powerful, end-to-end solution

  • Compose responsive communications from scratch, or use existing HTML assets.
  • Embed and edit HTML5 elements to create engaging and interactive content.
  • Deliver more fulfilling and rewarding experiences with data-driven relevancy.
  • Report intelligence of delivery and interaction in real time via the built-in dashboard and integrate reporting via API to existing BI and CRM systems.
  • Drive engagement across screens with user-configurable workflows for non-delivery across email, SMS, push notification, print remediation and even call center via API.
  • Create escalated workflows across email, SMS and push notifications, with further remediation to print or call center.

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