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Spectrum Spatial Connect

Digital-first organizations can collect critical information and make faster decisions by delivering micro-applications to mobile devices. With Spectrum Spatial Connect, you can, too.

Take location intelligence on the road with Spectrum Spatial Connect

Spectrum Spatial Connect takes location intelligence on the road with your entire organization via reusable apps and rapid mobile app building. Our feature-rich application development platform enables non-technical users to implement and deploy online and offline mobile apps in minutes, and without coding. It’s proven in digital workplace, fieldwork, crowd-sourcing and other public facing applications.

The flexible configuration environment knows how to handle spatial data and can be integrated into other core systems. Couple that with the ability to manage rich content, configure data collection form, add artificial intelligence, workflow, and chat collaboration and you have the ideal environment for quick, mobile ready business solutions.

Mobility solutions for everyone

Empower your mobile workforce, anytime and anywhere – Our business apps and workflow work on most mobile devices and browsers, even when they are not connected.

Crowd source your information – With Connect, members of the public or customers can do their own reporting, thus enriching your location-based knowledge without any additional costs.

Accelerate speed to value – Connect has a ‘no coding’ approach to application development, helping to support cheaper and quicker deployments.

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Spectrum Spatial Connect