Solution Sheet

Unlock the Value in Your Data Assets

Streamline compliance. Connect, enrich and democratize your data assets.

Discover, enrich and optimize across the data lifecycle.  Data assets that resides unconnected across your organization isn’t living up to its potential. With the right metadata approach, you can increase insight, improve agility and bring new value to critical business processes enterprise-wide. Achieve effective data governance. Streamline compliance. Connect, enrich and democratize your data.

Bring out the best in your data asset resources

Spectrum Discovery & Data Federation build a comprehensive data glossary for your business, accelerates data discovery and prioritizes data-quality improvements and even benchmark your progress on your Data Quality KPIs. Logical models help create the views your business needs. With robust lineage and impact analyses, you can see and manage data journeys and dependencies more effectively.  Know your data. Improve your outcomes.

  • Facilitate collaboration – When you can easily map data lineage, you can locate the people places and things that matter, and see how they’re connected enterprise-wide.
  • Easy to use and access – A user-friendly web interface, pre-populated industry assets and logical modeling help make data management quick and easy.
  • Accelerate insight – Understand the data you have, where it resides and how you can put it to use.

Metadata insights made simple
Other solutions provide only pieces of the metadata puzzle.  Spectrum Discovery & Data Federation puts it all together for
you, providing the foundation you need to drive value across your organization.

Enhance data-driven performance
The better you understand your data, the faster you can improve it, connect it and use it across your organization. Spectrum Discovery & Federation help you organize your data for business objectives including:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Monetization
  • Customer Experience
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Crimes and Compliance

Precisely Spectrum Data Federation: Your source for customer information management and business-wide data governance

  • Connect
  • Discover
  • Define glossary
  • Model
  • Profile & monitor
  • Lineage & impact analysis copyright
Unlock the Value in Your Data Assets