Why Hyper-Accurate Location Data Can’t Be Overlooked in Insurance

Consider that Florida has the potential for $195 MM of the mispriced risk identified due to a lack of hyper-accurate information. To write competitive premiums and maximize profit, insurers know that it’s critical to improve underwriting accuracy, but are often challenged with the quality and scope of the data that makes this possible.

This on-demand webinar walks insurers through the data sources necessary to help boost underwriting proficiency and differentiate them from their competition. Specifically, insurers will learn how hyper-accurate location data, publicly available and third-party-sourced data can be combined, standardized and validated with a unique and persistent identifier, enabling a straightforward approach to claims, CAT management and profitable underwriting.

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how to leverage granular, accurate, and predictive risk variables to mitigate risk across your commercial and home property books of business.

Register today and learn:

  • Strategies to easily organize and enrich your data from a location perspective
  • How highly precise geocoding impacts pricing
  • How to utilize AI & ML to enable straight through underwriting processing
  • Augment, enrich, and connect 3rd party data across your business to make better underwriting decisions for properties impacted by flood, hail, hurricane, and fire
Why Hyper-Accurate Location Data Can't Be Overlooked in Insurance
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